The Top 9 Engagement Ring Trends of 2019 [Updated]

ring trends 2019 nolan and vada

With so many wonderful options when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you’re bound to find one that’s just as personal and unique as you are.


Here are the top 9 engagement ring trends of 2019…

1) Three Stone Design

three stone teal sapphire engagement ring - nolan and vada

Why have one stone when you can have three? Ever since Meghan Markle sported a three stone engagement ring, future brides have been following suit.


Not only do the three stones represent the couple’s past, present and future, they also present the opportunity to have a combination of diamonds, gemstones, shapes and sizes.

2) Pear Cut


Pear shaped center stones have become increasingly popular over recent years, and for good reason. This unique option adds an artistic element to any design and creates a world of opportunity when it comes to stacking your rings.


If pear shaped stones are good enough for the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Amal Clooney, they’re good enough for us. The term ‘pear shaped’ has never had such positive connotations.

3) Coloured Stones

sapphires - nolan and vada

From peaches to teals, coloured stones are becoming more prominent than ever. Increasingly, future brides are picking meaningful colours to take pride of place in their engagement ring. Be it the main stone or as a side stone, it’s never been more on trend to introduce a pop of colour into your ring. 

4) French Basket

french basket sapphire engagement ring - nolan and vada

Typical of all things French, the French basket setting offers no shortage of style and sophistication. Capable of showcasing the center stone in all of its glory, this showstopping option delivers height, elegance and drama.

5) Custom Design

custom sapphire engagement ring - nolan and vada

Today more than ever, women are eager to stand apart from the crowd. To do so, future brides often go down the personal and creative route. Although a road less travelled, with a number of brands offering affordable customization services, why wouldn’t you put your own unique mark on this once in a lifetime purchase?

6) Halo Design

halo sapphire engagement ring - nolan and vada

Despite taking inspiration from vintage eras, diamond halo settings are more relevant and popular than ever.


The intricate detailing looks perfect when paired with an oval shape, but looks just as sensational when set around a number of different shapes such as round and pear. This glamorous halo dresses the center stone perfectly, making it appear incredibly lush.

7) Yellow Gold

three stone yellow gold teal sapphire engagement ring - nolan and vada

Yellow gold metal has made a comeback in all of its warm, classic glory. Of late, yellow gold has proved itself as a favourite amongst royals and celebrities alike, so it’s little wonder that this lustrous option is now more popular than ever.

8) Dainty Band

dainty sapphire engagement ring - nolan and vada

Sometimes when it comes to engagement rings, less is more. Dainty, minimalist bands have proven popular with modern brides who are seeking a subtle, stylish option that can be worn every day with ease and pleasure.


Needless to say, a sleek, dainty band will also make your chosen stone look even more prominent and wonderful.

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