Opal Ring Care

At Nolan and Vada, all opals used in rings are natural solid opal stones from the Wollo province of Ethiopia.



Filled with kaleidoscopic glamour, opals are a delicate yet elegant gem that needs a little extra care and love to maintain their beauty.


With some basic knowledge and guidance, you can maintain your opal rings for the years to come.


Keeping Opals Dry

Being hydrophane in nature, Ethiopian opals tend to absorb water or any other liquids. The characteristics of Hydrophane make them more durable and crack-resistant than Australian opals but make them water loving too.


If Ethiopian opals come in contact with water or become exposed to humid environments, they may lose their play of color temporarily. However, the play of color will come back once the opal has fully dried. Opals can take a day to weeks to dry depending on how much water or moisture they have absorbed.

What if my opal ring gets wet?

In case your opal gets wet from water, simply dry the opal with a clean cloth and let the stone dry naturally in order to restore its play of color.

Do not try to artificially speed up the process of drying by placing it under hot light or near the heater.



Ethiopian opals as you might have read, absorb water very easily. These gems must never be exposed to water in pools, showers, baths, household washing and washing of the hands. Once absorbed, they can lose their chromatic colors temporarily and need to be air-dried. Never use a steamer or ultrasonic cleaner on any opal ring.




Never expose your opal rings to chemicals like lotions, oils, perfumes, household cleaning materials, bleaches and soaps. The harsh chemicals can permanently stain and contaminate your opal.


As opal is a gemstone with low hardness they must never been worn to sleep, to the gym, doing the gardening or any such physical work.

Cleaning your ring

    • Wipe your opal ring dry with a soft cloth to remove oils and dirt, including the hard to reach spots under the gem.


    • If the ring is extremely soiled, take a bowl of warm water without any soap and gently remove excess dirt with your finger.


    • Wipe completely dry with a soft cloth.


If your opal tends to lose its rainbow colors, leave to air dry. Within a week to a month the color of play will be back to life, giving your opal ring its patterned opulence.